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Dani started vocal training at 2 years old singing along to her mother’s vocal lessons she taught. Her mother had a Masters in Music Education from the University of Michigan which opened up many doors for Dani to train with some of the best.


Dani believes each person’s ability to sing is unique and specializes in tapping into what works for each individual client. With Dani’s busy singing career she takes on only a small roster of singers and dancers working on getting better at singing techniques, songs for an audition or show, and exercises students can take home to keep growing on their own time. Dani utilizes professional audio equipment so singers are ending each lesson singing on a microphone with amplification all while learning valuable tools like mic technique, how to EQ their voices on a sound board, talking to sound engineers, and effects like reverb and delay. This time is also used to work on performance techniques!

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Review some of Dani’s clients feedback below!


“I have taken voice lessons from many very good teachers throughout the years, and each one has been helpful in teaching me to use my voice.  However there has always been something missing for me and I have found it in Dani.  First of all she makes you feel comfortable right away, very important when you are learning to sing!  Second she is a working performer with an amazing instrument.  Most teachers I have been to do not perform and couldn't begin to teach you what you need to know to be a pro!! In my lessons I  always feel that she is meticulous on technique and placement, making my voice strong.  She is so good at breaking down advanced techniques, things I didn't think I could do and now with Dani I am doing them.  Nobody can teach you how to improv unless they themselves are bass ass at it, which she is!  For the first time I feel like I am truly exploring improv and not just copying the cool chops I hear someone else do!   I am very thankful to be able to work with Dani she continues to help me improve and reach my voice training goals!”  - Alice  Singer/Dancer


"My experience with Dani has been the best. She's helped me grow tremendously as a singer; especially, with my pitch, voice range, and breathing techniques. I couldn't have chosen a better voice coach."  -Rosa Singer


“…In addition to great personal growth in performing and recording my own original music, the knowledge and training I'm receiving from Dani is of immense value to me in my capacity as a professional recording engineer and producer. I work with many, many vocalists in sessions at my studio, and improving my own knowledge of vocal technique allows me to help bring out the best vocal performance possible from each artist in every session. Based upon my experience working with her, Dani is my foremost referral for every one of my studio clients interested in starting voice lessons or taking their vocal technique to the next level. -Wendy  owner/engineer/producer, D. M. Gremlin Studios recording studio, Long Beach CA; musician and songwriter

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