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Break From The Stage

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8 x 10 Photo $5

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8 x 10 Photo $10

includes autograph and a personal message!

From The Chandelier

11 x 17 Poster $10

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11 x 17 Poster $15

includes autograph and a personal message!

Hello Friends!!!

After being lucky enough to be a part of videos with Postmodern Jukebox and other friends of mine, I have decided to have a go at making my own videos!


I have super talented, amazing, loving friends that I simply can't pay in hugs and kisses. Hee hee! So I created this exclusive page for YOU to become part of my making videos. It works like Netflix or Hulu where you have a monthly subscription and each month I bring you a bunch of fun videos, behind the scenes, and bloopers! I will keep you WELL entertained.... trust me. :-)


Sign up to be my patron and become a part of my journey! I promise to do my best to bring you fun videos, EXCLUSIVE not seen anywhere else content, and be grateful to the ends of the earth as you become a monthly supporter of my video creations.



XO Dani

aka Jack Dani

Costumes and Accessories!

This dress has been an amazing addition! Perfect for a 1920's NYE party!

I LOVE this green velvet dress!!

So comfy and flattering.

Gatsby eat your heart out! I have this in the red/burgundy and the pattern in the middle is super flattering.

I have this in red and it's great! It doesn't show a ton of cleavage so its flashy but classy!

I have this in black. SO AFFORDABLE for the quality!

This is SO sassy! It is above the knee so get some boy shorts for underneath this AMAZING dress!

I added this for the Vegas show! The flower is pretty and the sequins makes it pop!

This is AMAZING! It has a headband and a hair clip. It's soooo pretty!

Bad Romance anyone? This is great! I secure it with a few bobby pins and it's a show stopper.

My All About The Bass gloves!

I wear this for Chandelier! Its so comfortable and striking!

I have these in Red, Silver and Black! They are adult size so your hands will be comfortable!

$71.99 & SO pretty! The slip stops above the knee so the bottom of the sequins is sheer and really flirty!

WOW WOW WOW! Super sexy! I bought it in red and gold! You can wear slit in the front OR back!

SO FLATTERING! The dress has straps built in so you can wear strapless bra or regular bra.

I have this is navy blue. Super classy with a sheer bottom! SO cute!

This is my GO TO dress! Flattering, comfy, and flirty!

THIS DRESS! It is so comfy, flattering on a larger bust line and a great 50's dress!

This was really a great find! I LOVE green accessories apparently!

More green goodness!!!

Such a great 1920's look! Also really comfy!

THIS IS STUNNING!!! I love this headband!

This is great over many of the dresses listed above. Also a great way to vintage up a regular cocktail dress!

My All About The Bass hat! You can wear it with the net over your face or pin it up and it looks like an adorable hat.

Products I can't live without!

The Roll & Go Hair Tool is how I get ALL my awesome victory rolls! You can also use it for making pin curls!

This is a MUST for me! It keeps my throat nice and lubricated and at the same time has echinacia in it so my immune system stays strong!

This is the camera I use for ALL my videos! It is user friendly and I love the quality. Also as far as cameras go it isn't a ZILLION dollars. Haha!

THIS IS LIFE! I use it to spray my roots for clipping in extensions (no more teasing your hair) and I also use it for setting my victory rolls!

This is the awesome accessory kit I use to make my home videos. This kit is PRICELESS! My favorites are the wind screen, the mini tripod, and the USB cable.

Sooooo.... yea. Lighting is LIFE! This is the ring light I use and it's amaaazzzeeee.....

I get asked ALL THE TIME!  lol

This is my hair color! If you have dark hair you want to lighten it first to get the bright red!

This is the amazing USB microphone I use for all of my at home and on the go videos. It is great for podcasts, singing, capturing a rooms sound and more!

Love the container these come in! They are also firm and stay PUT!





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